Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comfort zones

When we are out of our comfort zones, we grow more. It's not easy at all to be away from what we are used to, but we can develop thicker skin, more flexibility, more tolerance, more understanding about people and the world. Our way of doing things is the only way we have ever known. Until we can experience more, other ways of interacting, other ways of doing daily business, other ways of living life, we really can't be sure that how we are living is truly the way that is best for us. If we can experience how other people live, outside, perhaps of our own comfort zones, we can learn more about how we wish to live and go forward in life, in terms of our values, our goals, our overall path. I've learned more about myself in those eight years--and those things weren't always good or flattering-- than I have learned in the other 34 years of my life. Travel, better yet, live abroad even for a semester, a short time....and go somewhere that pushes you to your limits. You will come back a changed person.

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