Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sun and I

Italy's long lasting effect on me includes my now insatiable need for a hit of strong sun with my feet nuzzled into sand and salt left on my lips, at least once a year. In Italy it's something almost every family does each August. It's not only for those with extra $ in their pockets. The beaches that line the coasts of Italy are packed to the fullest with extended families, young couples, groups of friends, all being rejuvenated, with the clear blue sea at one side, the bluest sky above, and a bar for coffees, panini, and ice cream only several steps away. I was so lucky to have this every August, at least for a few days, and it always was a restart for me. The crowds were a little overwhelming, but still, the chance to enjoy life stopping in such a sensory, mind/body way for me was well worth it. Pier and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary this year and if all works out right we are headed to Charleston, SC. So far it's the closest thing to the Italian experience that we've discovered here in the US on the east coast within reasonable travel range from upstate NY. I'm curious if others on the east coast can suggest places of refuge to us to also consider?

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